Title:   Kawaks emulator 1.61

  Kawaks emulator for the Windows operating system that the CPS-1 CPS-2, and systems of play Neo Geo.

  Kawaks called or after a WinKawaks works well in some low-end computers and has the opportunity to work with Kaillera Netplay. Kawaks or WinKawaks has several functions, including a series of video blitters.

  Kawaks was one of the emulators of choice for new games like Metal Slug 3rd Among the important functions Kawaks Netplay, which makes the game so enjoyable.

  Do you feel the need to find a guy being terrorized by strangers; Hop on a server and blast away!

  Want a head-to-head with a friend over Marvel Capcom; Netplay is your answer.

 Server:  Download Winkawaks emulator Now