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Street Hoop

Game Rom Detail
Platform: Neo Geo
Language: English
Rom size: 4.46 MB
Emulator: Winkawaks 1.6
File Type: .zip
Rank: ★★★★★
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Street Hoop, known in Japan as Dunk Dream  and known in North America as Street Slam, is a basketball game developed by Data East for Neo-Geo, released in 1994.

In the European (Street Hoop) and Japanese (Dunk Dream) versions of the game, players can select to compete from 1 of 10 countries. However, in the US version of the game (Street Slam), players instead get to choose from US cities. The selection screens, player skin colours and costumes also change between the versions and it is not simply the case that the team names have been changed.


Street Hoop

A sequel to the game, known as Dunk Dream 95 in Japan and Hoops 96 in Europe, was released in 1995.

Street Hoop was the inspiration for King of Fighters character, Lucky Glauber.

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