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Zed Blade

Game Rom Detail
Platform: Neo Geo
Language: English
Rom size: 4.92 MB
Emulator: Winkawaks 1.6
File Type: .zip
Rank: ★★★★☆
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Zed Blade / Operation Ragnarok is an arcade game from NMK (company), released in 1994 as a Neo Geo MVS cartridge for the MVS (arcade) system. Zed Blade is known in Japan as Operation Ragnarok.


Zed Blade



One or two players simultaneously choose one of three characters to play, each with varying speeds at which they control their ships. A selection of three weapons are used for the front and back of your ship. You must defeat various enemy ships and the boss near the end of the planet as you travel through every planet in the solar system. Weapons can be upgraded during the battle, and you can also collect HyperBombs that cause maximum damage.

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