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WHAT'S WITH NETPLAY ?_Winkawaks:Neo Geo Emulators
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Topic Starter:Santi Views: Posted:10-31-2009 20:03

  Since version 1.20, Kawaks allows to play games over the internet, or on

  To achieve this, each instance of the emulator has to be in perfect  sync
  with the others. So, when netplaying, Kawaks puts itself in a kind of
  'safe' mode, in which the users action are limited.

  Namely, the emu gets hidden, keyboard shortcuts are disabled (except for
  Fullscreen, Alt+Enter)

  Basically, when you're netplaying, you're netplaying :) Not fiddling with
  the settings or what do I know.

  The "Escape" key allows one to drop the current game. Be sure to press Escape
  when you're done with playing. Afterwards, you can continue chatting in Kaillera
  or start a new game...

  To exit netplay mode and return to the normal Kawaks, you have to
  exit the current netplay game (if any) with "Escape" and then close
  the two Kaillera windows.

  In netplay mode, you get a new ability: chatting.
  The chat key is "Backspace". When you hit backspace, an input line appears
  where you input a message. Hit Enter, and it gets broadcasted to the other
  players. Escape allows you to cancel your input, and backspace allows
  to delete the previous character.
  Chat messages appear at the top of the screen.
  The way the messages scroll and the time they last is defined in WinKawaks.ini

  From my testing, Netplay in Kawaks is fairly smooth and stable, if you have a
  decent ping. (I've had some very nice games with 150ms, so you cable/adsl users
  out there should be out for fun times)

  I believe however it is possible to improve netplay performances by decreasing
  the sound buffer size in the ini. This should make the eventual "freeze" times
  smaller. However, if someone in the netplay game has a bigger sound buffer size
  than you, it won't change anything much...

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